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Dr. Florin Bratila

Dr. Florin Bratila
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Florin Clement Bratila
Lecturer for Traditional Medicine

Born: April 27, 1940, Focsani, Vrancea County

Married. One son, Nicolae Leonard Bratila, graduate of High School and management courses, Auto products intermediate


*       1954-1957 - High School of General Education "Unirea", Focsani

*       1959-1965 - Faculty of General Medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi

*       1974 - special courses in internal medicine

*       1975 - exchange of experience and specialization in acupuncture in China

*       1976 - special courses in sportive medicine

*       1977 - ORL special training

*       1979 - specialization courses in psychiatry

*       1980 - courses for sanitary organization

*       1980 - postgraduate course for specialization in acupuncture, Bucharest

*       1986 - course of specialization in acupuncture and moxes at Hospital Cheng-Du from Beijing, China. Obtain on this occasion the international right for acupuncture practice

*       1989 - course of specialization in acupuncture with dr.Zhang Jin, Bucharest

*       1996 - Doctoral studies in medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davilla", Bucharest

Professional Career

*       1963-1964 - external physician, Hospital C.I.Parhon, urology clinic, section of anesthesia/reanimation, Iasi

*       1964-1965 - internal physician, Hospital C.I.Parhon, urology clinic, section of anesthesia/reanimation, Iasi

*       1965-1967 - scientific researcher at the Institute of Hygiene, Iasi

*       1967-1968 - general medicine physician, Medical Station Suraia, Vrancea County

*       1968-1970 - general medicine senior physician, Medical Station  Tifesti, Vrancea County

*       1970-1971 - general medicine physician, Medical Station Cotesti, Vrancea County

*       1971-1972 - general medicine senior physician,  Unified Hospital Giurgiu, Giurgiu County

*       1972-1980 - general medicine senior physician,  Clinic Hospital Coltea, Bucharest

*       1980-1985 - general medicine senior physician,  Methodological Center of Acupuncture of Bucharest Municipal Hospital

*       1985-1990 - Laboratory for research in acupuncture, naturist therapy and Far-East traditional medicine, the Institute of Internal Medicine N.G.Lupu

*       In 1990 - physician specialist for general medicine, medic director of the Center of Acupuncture and Homeopathy Bucharest. The Center is established through the transformation of the above Laboratory of research of the Institute of Internal Medicine N.G.Lupu, directly subordinated to the Ministry of health and the Romanian Academy

Didactic Career

*       since 1983 - lecturer in acupuncture at the Center for physicians and pharmacists improvement, Bucharest

*       since 1995 - head of the chair for "Complementary Medicine" (Acupuncture abd  homeopathy), Faculty of General Medicine of the Ecological University, Bucharest

Sportive Medicine

*       1972-1986 - physician of "Sportul Studentesc" Club, Bucharest

*       1985 - physician of the national football representative team

*       1985-1986 - physician of the national Olympic football team

*       1986-1989 - physician of the football representative A team, including for Cupa del Mondo (1989)

*       medical assistance for Panathinaikos Club, Athens, for three years

*       since 1990 - cooperates with the Romanian Athletic Federation for granting medical assistance

Publishing Activity


*       Ethiopathogeny in acupuncture

*       Diagnosis in far-east traditional medicine

*       Modern Investigations in Acupuncture

*       Auriculotherapy


*       1984 - the chapters "acupuncture" (author) and "the scientific prophylaxis of aging" (together with academician dr. Ana Aslan), in the volume "The Family Medicine", published under the coordination of prof. V.Voiculescu

*       1988 - the Chapter "Ethiopathogeny of diseases in the far-east traditional medicine" in the volume "The Acupuncture in Medical Therapy", under the coordination of dr. Dragos Popovici

*       1992 - the first translation into Romanian of the writings "The Wisdom of the Antic East in Lao Tsen's Work", together with the Chinese professor Tao Jian Wen and prof. Dan Mirahorian

*       1994 - Diagnosis in acupuncture, PACO Publishing House

*       1992 - Book of Way and Virtue, Collection Fundamental Camp

Articles and studies in revues of specialty in Romania, USA, China, Japan

Inventions and innovations

*       Polymerizant S - mineralizing product for the prevention and diminution of phenomena of fatigue at persons making big physical effort (Invention 73697/OSIM)

*       Polyvitamine S - general fortifying product and its production technology (Invention nr. 74763/OSIM)

*       Laser-acupuncture with digital control - certificate of inventor nr.64/10.11.1987 for equipment of laser-acupuncture based on computer assisted activity)


*       since 1988 - member of the European Society of Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART)

*       since 1989 - honorary member of the Institute for Research in Traditional Medicine, Harbin, China

*       since 1990 - vice-president of the Romanian Society of Acupuncture, Bucharest

*       since 1992 - member of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Medicine

*       since 1994 - member of the European Society of Acupuncture, Kishinew, Republic of Moldova

*       since 1997 - member of the Romanian Society of Lasers in Medicine and Biology

Distinctions, orders and medals

*       1987 - Medal of the International Acupuncture Congress, Beijing, China

*       1990 - Medal of the World Football Championship, Italy

*       1991 - Medal of the Ministry of Health of China for the sanitary organization, research, education and therapy in the field of far-east traditional medicine

*       1993 - Medal of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Sciences and Medicine

*       1993 - Honorary Member of the Romanian Physicians Order

Foreign Languages

*       English, French, Russian

Centrul de Acupunctură şi Homeopatie Bucureşti:
Str. Visarion nr.4-6, Bucureşti, sector 1, Romānia
(lāngă Piaţa Romană)
telefon: 021-2127906; 021-3129687

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